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The Mission of Central PA Bravest:


Most firemen would agree that there can never be too many images taken of the fire service.  The visual spectacle that is the fire ground is full of blood, sweat and tears that demonstrate the bravery and tragedy firefighters face every day.  It is when these acts of nobility, daring and selflessness are discovered as captured images that they become iconic.


We exist to inspire young viewers whether they are young in age or young to the fire service.  We want to give back to the fire service community by focusing on our local Central PA area but we are not limited to this area as we have staff members that work out of the area or frequently travel to other areas.  Most fire ground photography websites only focus on large cities like Boston, New York, Los Angeles, etc.  We look to break those boundaries.


We look to educate the fire service community with street smart articles and unique situations that are found on everyday responses.


We strive to keep the past traditions of the fire service alive and well in this new extreme safety conscious fire service world.


For information on how to submit stories or incidents to us, or about becoming a regular contributor, please see our “Contact Us” page.