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Monday, July 30, 2012 After seeing a picture floating around of an Engine Company from Mill Creek, PA wrecked severely my heart dropped. One of my good friends that lived at the Progress Fire Company in the early 90’s, Jamie Beale is very active with this company in Mill Creek and with no information I feared the worse. After calling him and getting the story I was compelled to share this information on their Assistant Chief that saved their entire crew including himself.

Assistant Chief Wayne Cohenour was riding the seat of Engine 20 for a reported structure fire that turned into a routine call and they returned quickly around 0200. As the Engine Company was returning to their quarters the driver of the piece Firefighter Mark Snyder appeared to be having a seizure. Despite a disability and having a prosthetic arm Chief Cohenour still was able to grab the wheel and kept the Engine Company and himself from certain death. The Engine Company was headed toward an 80 foot ravine but with the quick thinking and reactions of the Chief it was directed away from the ravine. The Engine hit a building that houses Sip's Title Craft Inc. The Engine slammed in one side and almost out the other side.


Firefighter Jamie Beale responded on the 2nd call for an accident with injuries, not knowing this was his Engine that crashed he drove the Rescue to the incident, arrived and was overwhelmed at the site of the incident. The crew of the Rescue worked in a very hazardous condition with further collapse possible. With severe injuries to the driver and officer they extricated them immediately to awaiting EMS and were both flown to local trauma centers. Cohenour and Snyder were flown to Altoona Hospital and the crew in the jump seats who were all belted including Capt. Jason Chilcote and firefighters Cody Whistle and Tyler Scott were transported to JC Blair Hospital in Huntingdon.

Cohenour is still in the hospital with a broken leg, a few severe laceration and serious damage to his ear. From reports of Firefighters on scene Chief Cohenour would have certainly been killed due to the officers side damage if he hadn’t taken control of the rig and been laying across the cab!

Chief Cohenour is CENTRAL PA's BRAVEST and without question
of a doubt saved his entire crew and himself! GREAT WORK CHIEF!